Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Review] Maybelline Watershine Pure - Pink

Yesterday my cousin, pampe, came to my house. Like me, she likes make up too. Well honestly, she likes make up since yeaarrrss ago, even before I knew about make up LOL

So this cousin of mine bring her make up and like usually we do every time we met, we discuss about what make up we wears hehe

One of her make up item that caught my attention is her lipstick. It's Maybelline Watershine Pure in pink shade. I don't know which pink it is because it's only say the code in the bottom. The code is B24.

Maybelline Watershine Pure

I use Watershine too, but in different shade. I use C11(only the code, no name) and no 12 (It say Brandy Rum in the bottom). And I like it all. That's why when I saw my cousin's lipstick is Maybelline Watershine Pure too, I can't resist myself to try it too LOL

Maybelline Watershine Pure

Maybelline Watershine Pure
That's the look in my lips. The color is cute. But I don' know. I never wear pink lipstick before, so I was not too confident while wearing them =.='

So how do you think guys? Did it fits me well? :P

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