Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Review] Maybelline Watershine Pure - Brandy Rum

Lipstick is not my favorite make up. But still, if we want our make up to be perfect, we still need to wear lipstick. Without lipstick, we will look pale or ill hehe

This is my first lipstick I ever had. It's Maybelline Watershine Pure in Brandy Rum (12)

Maybelline Watershine Pure

Maybelline Watershine Pure

Maybelline Watershine Pure
The color is kinda dark. And even more darker on my lips because I have pigmented lips :D

Without flash
With flash
My bare lips
Without flash
Without flash
Without flash
With flash

My opinion?

 It has a nice color. I like it so far. It didn't dried my lips and it's easy to apply. And the price is not very expensive :D

~ Has a nice color
~ It is very inexpensive for the quantity you get
~ The lipstick is not dried my lips
~ The color is wearable for daily use
~ Easy to apply
~ Bad staying power. It will fade away after about 1-2 hours. You'll always need to do a touch up

Repurchase? Don't know, since lipstick is not my favorite item, so it'll get me a long time to finish one lipstick. And when it's time to me to buy a new one, I'll look for a new color because I already bored with the old one hahahaha

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  1. Beli dimana Put? Saya pake ini terus dulu dan mau beli lagi di Jkt nggak ada.



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