Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Review] Softlens A+ Froze Chapter II

Hello.. :D

Still remember about my review about my new softlens a couple days ago?
It's A+ Froze. Well today I want to tell you my opinion about this softlens after I use it for a couple days.

You know what?

Ughh.. I just realized after a couple days of using it, it's SUPER uncomfortable!!
My old X2 Baby Eyes is a lot better =.='

This A+ Froze is always makes my eyes blurry. I have to blink my eyes a couple times to makes my vision clear again. The longer you wear it will get worse. You'll feel very uncomfortable. When I use my X2 baby eyes, I can wear it about 6-7 hours and it's still very comfortable. But with this A+ Froze, I feel uncomfortable even when I've used it only for 3 hours!! OMG.. so disappointed with this softlens.

Repurchase? Definitely NOT!! =.='

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