Sunday, April 8, 2012

Softlens A+ Froze

My old softlens's expired is this month so yesterday I bought the new one.

I bought A+ Froze in Gray. The color is beautiful. At first I was interested with X2 Fame and A+. But after I tried all of them, I like A+ Froze the most. The gray is the most dark between all of them, it's almost black but still has slightly beautiful gray color. The gray color in A+ and X2 Fame are too bright. I didn't like it because my eyes looks not normal after use it. I want color in my eyes but not very extreme :D

A+ Froze
A+ Froze

A+ Froze

A+ Froze

A+ Froze
Softlens A+ Froze in my eyes

It's quite comfortable to use. Usually I use softlens in a long time, almost all day long, so I really need softlens that comfortable to use. And the diameter is 14,5mm which is a right size for me, not too big, but still makes my eyes bigger. I ever hear that softlens that has diameter more than 17mm, you can only wear them not more than 4 hours. Well, that's definitely not for me :D

~ Quite cheap
~ Comfortable
~ Has a nice gray color
~ Easy to purchase, almost all local optic store sell it

~ I can't find it yet :P

Repurchase?  Didn't know. This softlens can be used for 6 months so it's a quite long time, I don't know will my opinion change or not later when it's time for me to buy the new softlens :D

Read my another review about this softlens --> here


  1. Replies
    1. Rada2 lupa harganya sis, sekitaran 80-95 gitu deh.
      Tp ini ga recommend bgt sis, ga nyaman. cpt kering dimata, ini padahal baru 2 bulan tp udh ga enak bgt dipake.
      Nyesel beli ini.. mending klo mau beli, beli yg X2 Baby Eyes aja, itu malah enak :)



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