Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[Review] Skin79 - The Oriental Gold BB Cream

Hello.. Hello..

Today I want to make a review about my recent BB Cream.
It's from Skin79 and the series is The Oriental Gold.

Skin79 - The Oriental Gold BB Cream

 The ingredient:

It has a BPOM Indonesia License

This BB Cream has a bonus, it has a cheek and lip cream tint. You can wear it as lipstick or use it on your cheek to give a natural color to your cheek. Anyone who doesn't like to wear blush on, will like this!! :D

The BB Cream and the Cheek and Lip Cream
The BB Cream and the Cheek and Lip Cream

The cheek and lip cream is not as greasy as you think when applied. To wear it, you only need to do a gently tap your finger to the cream and then tap it on your cheek and voila, your cheek will turn to red naturally like you're wearing blush!

This BB Cream's shade is a lot whiter than Skin79 - Hot Pink BB Cream but darker than Skin79 - VIP Gold BB Cream. This BB Cream DON'T HAVE a gray undertone like Hot Pink and VIP Gold. But way mooreee dewy. People who doesn't like dewy look will hate it hahaha But personally I really like dewy look. Because it'll give your skin a fresh, moist and a very healthy look :D

About the coverage, well it's not as good as Hot Pink and VIP Gold. But it's still cover your redness and dark spot.

This is my look when I wear it.

This is after I wear it for a couple hours
More dewy than Hot Pink and VIP Gold :D

I didn't edit my photos a lot. I just resize it, give a water mark, give a little more red color and make it brighter a little. That's all. All the photos was taken after a couple hours of applying. About 6-7 hours after. And of course after a tons of sweat(Jogja is very hot recently and I go everywhere only by motorcycle so... ) Oh and like I said before, I NEVER wear compact or loose powder after I wear BB Cream. How's that? Still looks good huh? :D

Well, this is my favorite BB Cream this far. It's very good for a daily use. Not heavy at all. And didn't have a gray undertone.

What I didn't like about this BB Cream is the scent. I don't know, maybe it's a tea scent, but I didn't like it!! Thank God, the scent didn't last long. It'll disappear after a while.

  • Didn't has a gray undertone
  • Very light, you'll feel like you're not wearing anything
  • Doesn't make me break out
  • It has a nice staying power, didn't gone even after I got sweating and wipe it with tissue
  • Dewy look finish! Will make your skin look glowy, fresh, moist and very healthy
  • You don't need to wear compact powder or loose powder again after you wear this BB Cream 
  • Has SPF 25 PA++
  • Pricey
  • The coverage is not as good as Hot Pink and VIP Gold
  • Very dewy. For some people, they'll find it annoying

Repurchase? YES!! But I buy the full jar size so I think it'll last me forever LOL

Ok, that's my review. Did anyone of you ever tried this too? Tell me your opinion lovelies ;)

Buy Skin79 - The Oriental Gold BB Cream --> here


  1. you bought it from Skinfood's store on Indonesia??? i will be more pricey *-* aku tertarik sama bonusnya itu loh, cute

  2. Aku jual kok sis, itu udh aku kasih link nya diatas, mumpung lg promo tuh, harga lihat di Fb langsung yaa ^^v
    Oh iya, ini produknya udh resmi masuk Indonesia lho, udh ada ijin BPOM nya segala ;)

  3. Compared to the others, is this suitable for combination skin? Kulit aku sama dengan km sis, berminyak di T Zone tapi kering di cheek . Aku lebih suka pake Hot Pink, cmn tonenya agk gelap karna pd dsrnya aku agk putih. Dan aku juga udah pake Gold memang tonenya cocok cmn hslnya tidak trllu bgs dibandingkan dgn yg Hot Pink.

    1. Ini cocok buat kulit kombinasi kok sis, buktinya aku cocok pake yang ini:D
      Wah klo kulit sista putih, ini kayaknya cocok, soalnya oriental ini shade nya putih sis, jauh diatas yg hot pink ;)

  4. Nice review, so it has dewy finish. I never try skin79 bb cream before coz I'm afraid the tone will be too white for me. But looking at ur pic, it blends well on ur skin.
    I have oily-combi skin too like u. Right now I'm using Etude bb cream but I usually dab it with loose powder for more oil control.
    Guess it worths a try, maybe after my etude bb cream runs out I'll try this one he he (curious mode on)

    by the way I'm : and I followed ur blog, u writes many interesting info here. Hope u visit & follow me back :)
    thanx for sharing, keep it up!

    1. Skin79 emang aslinya shadenya putih-putih, tapi masih bisa diakali kok, aku biasa pake tipis2 biar ga dikira pake topeng LOL

      Btw, aku udh follow blogmu yah ^^



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